Advantages of drainage

The advantages of drainage

The oxygen levels increase beneficial microbial bacteria activities which converts the soil organic matter and fertilizers into available food.
The oxygen balance of your fields reaches proper levels when excess moisture is removed and then increases the plant growth
Proper drainage causes toxic salts to be removed from root zone
The land increases in value when a field is properly drained.The return of investment made in a drainage system will exceed your expectations and increase the value of land for future generations.
Less moisture causes better root growth. As water tables become under control, plants have less stress, are healthier and less susceptible to diseases.
System drainage will improve marginal soils into productive soils especially where areas of persistent moisture problems occur.

Due to the removal of excess water, the soil temperature increases, it improves plant growth and increases bacterial activities for early planting and better germination.

There is less runoff of water after rainfall as well drained soil has more capacity to hold excess water.

Infiltration capacity and soil structure is improved due to aeration , more organic matter and less toxicity present such as sodium and heavy metals.

Proper drainage prevents wet conditions during harvest time, saves time and no crop damage.